Our firm provides broad support to its clients with regard to contracts associated with their business activities, ranging from legal counselling upon selection of the suitable type of contract and its drafting, to involvement in the enforcement of contractual obligations undertaken by the parties.

Our services include counselling, drafting contracts and other deeds, representing our clients during negotiations and written correspondence, as well as providing legal representation in court proceedings initiated to settle legal disputes stemming from contracts.


Labor Law

Our firm offers comprehensive labor law support, which provides our clients with a solid legal framework through the entire lifecycle of the employment relationship, starting from its establishment, through its performance, modification and termination, and the settlement of legal disputes arising after the termination thereof. In this context, we contribute to ensuring labor law compliance of our clients through legal counselling on individual matters, drafting employment agreements and employer’s acts, preparing and commenting on employers’ policies and regulations, as well as providing in-court and out-of-court legal representation.

We not only support our clients with regard to individual employment matters, but we also offer assistance in solving collective labor law issues related to the operation of works councils and trade unions.


Real Estates

Our firm delivers its clients all types of contracts related to real estates (e.g. purchase and sale, rental or lease contracts). When it comes to transactions involving real estates, our goal is to fully meet our client’s objectives.

We offer legal solutions that protect the parties to the possible extent from the occurrence of legal disputes related to the performance of the contract by duly taking into account the intentions of the parties and the circumstances of specific transactions.



In the framework of our corporate law activities, our firm assists clients in the incorporation of companies, including legal counselling regarding the selection of the most appropriate company type and organisational structure, as well as the establishment of the operating mechanisms of corporate bodies. We support our clients in passing the corporate resolutions that are necessary on a regular or occasional basis. We provide legal representation to companies before the courts of registration.

We are also at our clients’ disposal for any type of change in their companies’ operations, be it a capital restructuring or a transformation, and offer legal services related to the liquidation of companies.


Civil Society Organisations

We help our clients with the establishment of foundations, associations or other civil society organisations, or any changes in the functioning or organisational structure of the same, and assist them in any procedure related to the registration of these entities with the courts of registry.

Related activities include legal counselling, drafting instruments of incorporation and amendments thereto, drafting the resolutions of decision-making bodies, preparing petitions, and thereby contributing to ensuring the legal compliance of our civil society organisation clients.